07/08/2014 12:38 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Back Selfies: The Rise Of This Instagram Trend

Remember bum sefies? Heidi Klum pioneered the trend last summer - but there's already a new type of selfie taking the internet by storm.


While celebrities have been finding yet another way to show off their perfectly toned bodies on Instagram, the back selfie has been born.

From Rita Ora on a balcony in Los Angeles to Kim Kardashian in Thailand and Miley Cyrus in a desert, these snap happy celebs have switched their bum obsession for backs.

There's more to it than simply showing off your tan lines, though. The first rule? As Miranda Kerr and co have proved, the back selfie must be taken in a stunning, exotic location - white sands and a cloudless sky are the minimum requirements - in order to spark a serious case of holiday envy for anyone who lays eyes on their, er, back.

The second must? Posers must either be topless or dressed in a bikini. However, as the chest area is kept hidden from the camera, the risk of getting banned from Instagram (poor Rihanna) is kept to a minimum. Clever.

Let's just hope these stars have learnt from that thunder storm selfie incident before they snap away on their next holiday.

Still confused by the back selfie? Let these celebrities be your guide: