07/08/2014 05:42 BST | Updated 07/08/2014 06:59 BST

This 6-Year-Old Boy's Food Tournament Will Help You Decide What To Have For Dinner

After a hard day making important business decisions, it can be difficult to sum up the energy to choose what to make for dinner.

Luckily, one six-year-old boy has it all figured out.

By putting his favourite foods (McDonald's or brownie) head-to-head against some less appetising options (pooh), his ingenious tournament has whittled things down to an overall winner: pizza.

boy food

After the master plan was posted online by Reddit user ecost (a friend of the boy's brother) the image has gone viral, sparking internet acclaim and - we presume - a surge in the consumption of pizza.

Good work, young man. We sure know what we're having for dinner this evening.


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