09/08/2014 01:37 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Orlando Bloom Partying With Swedish Model Lykke Glommen In Ibiza

Orlando Bloom has been partying hard in Ibiza ever since he had a bust up with Justin Bieber over his ex-wife Miranda Kerr.

Orlando Bloom Reacts to Justin Bieber Drama with 'Happy' Dance

These pictures would suggest 20-year-old Swedish model Lykke Glommen has been helping Orlando, 37, salve his hurt pride.

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The actor was spotted with Lykke at a beach party in Formentera over the weekend and let's just say they were definitely getting on.

When they weren't busting out some killer moves on the dance floor (Orlando's all about the arms), they were mingling with fellow guests on the beach.

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Even Orlando's laid-back red shorts, white slogan t-shirt and round-lens shades proved he was keeping his cool following the Bieber brawl.

Lykke's look? A strapless orange playsuit, glossy blonde beach hair and an enviable tan.


The couple were also spotted jet-skiing together with Orlando letting Lykke take the driver's seat.

Orlando may be smitten with this Swedish beauty but he's also been hanging out with Australian singer and model Erica Packer.

He and Erica were together on board the luxury yacht Seahorse last week soaking up the sunshine with a group of friends.

The big question? Who exactly is Orlando's new love interest - Lykke or Erica?

What we do know is that Orlando is definitely not letting Bieber's petulant Instagram posting get to him. He's way too busy owning it on the dance floor.

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