08/08/2014 07:55 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

This Rap Is The Coolest Daddy-Daughter Duet Ever

Ricky Weems shared this video of an unusual daddy-daughter duet he recorded with his daughter - a slick rap song they wrote together called 'Kickin It Wit My Daddy'.

Ricky's son, six-year-old Jermaine, recorded the cute clip, which shows 10-year-old Kayliyah trade rhymes with her dad about their time together.

It was shared nearly 50,000 times after Ricky uploaded it to Facebook, and when you watch the video you'll see why. Kayliyah is a natural, with better flow than many adult rappers and the moves to match!

But don't expect lyrics about partying all night, counting stacks of dollars or cruising the streets in a lowrider.

No, Kayliyah's rhymes are focussed on things like trips to Disneyworld, seeing movies and going out for meals with her 'cool' daddy (you can tell her dad had a hand in that line!). The rap also celebrates her success at school, with lyrics about her high grades and awards.

As well as being a tad more age-appropriate than your standard rap hit, the words to 'Kickin' It Wit My Daddy' also suggest that Kayliyah and her dad enjoy a really special bond, as the 10-year-old mentions how her dad 'always say he loves me' and 'always makes me happy'. D'aww!

Kayliyah's parents are separated and she lives in Georgia, 800 miles away from Ricky, who is based in Michigan. Despite being apart for much of the time, this awesome collaboration shows that they truly make the most of their time together.