09/08/2014 09:29 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Zara Phillips Wants To Be A Sports Role Model To Her Baby Daughter Mia

It's every mum's ambition to be their children's role model. So it's no surprise that Zara Phillips is keen to achieve that very thing.


The Queen's granddaughter has spoken out about how important it is for her to be an active role-model to her baby daughter Mia, who was born in January.

According to The Telegraph, the horse riding enthusiast and Olympic medalist, believes its very important for children to be involved in sport.

As she looks set to take part in the Artemis Challenge, a 50 mile race round the Isle of Wight, Phillips said: "I think we we have got it (her sporty side) off our parents and hopefully we can pass that on to Mia.

"We have always had sport in our lives and through our childhood. I think that really is important in every child's life to have that opportunity."


Her husband, Mike Tindall, who is also taking part in the challenge, said: "She will be whatever she wants to be, we will support that, but realistically we will have to wait and see on that one."

With a rugby playing dad and an equestrian mum, we guess it's quite likely little Mia will be into her sports and maybe a little bit competitive too!

Zara took baby Mia to a riding event last week and the adorable baby even watched on as her mum competed. Prior to that, the mum-of-one was seen mingling with Tom Cruise at Goodwood races, not that we're at all jealous.

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