10/08/2014 11:53 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Argos Apologises After Staff Brand Teenage Job Applicant 'Stupid' And Post His CV On Instagram

A picture shows the signage hanging outside an Argos home retail store in London on October 24, 2012. Home Retail Group said it would close or relocate at least 75 of its Argos stores across Britain over the next five years to create a digital retailer of household consumer goods. AFP PHOTO / ANDREW COWIE (Photo credit should read ANDREW COWIE/AFP/Getty Images)

Argos has apologised to an 18-year-old job applicant after a staff member wrote that he was 'stupid' and posted a photograph of his CV on Instagram.

Shuhel Ahmed, 18, sent his CV to a south London branch of Argos after moving to London on his mother's advice due to the lack of jobs near his home in Cowes, Isle of Wight. But his determination to find work was met with jeers.

The resumé of his exam grades and previous work was posted on the social media site alongside the words: 'Check mans grades(sic)?! this guy is stupid lol' written next to his GCSE exam results.

His 'extremely angry and upset' family complained to Argos.

Shuhel's mother Helen Begum, 42, said: "This is something really evil. My son is really depressed. He is now scared to hand his CV around because it could happen again. He has lost his self-confidence."

Argos, insisted that it did not tolerate bullying and the unnamed staff member responsible has resigned from its store in Walworth Road.

GCSE exam results are out on August 21 this year.

How upset would you be if your teenager's hopes and dreams were stamped on like that just for 'lols'?