BASE Jumpers Launch From London Pan Peninsula Skyscraper, Slightly Unnerve Residents

There are a lot of ways to spend an evening in London - one of the capital's many fine restaurants, a play in the West End or a gentle meander along the Thames.

Or, if you want to mix things up a bit, why not jump off a skyscraper near Canary Wharf, 48 floors up.

That's what two anonymous BASE jumpers did last month and they've kindly shared the footage.

Finding a tall building to BASE jump from wasn't hard but finding one they could get access to... well, that was another story. Eventually they found a swanky rooftop bar near Canary Wharf which fit the bill perfectly.

They did the proper reconnaissance, then they marched in and jumped out the window - much to the concern of people enjoying a quiet drink.

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