Australian Radio Show Presenter Jackie O Walks Out On Co-Host Kyle Sandilands After Spat Live On Air

Radio Show Presenter Walks Out On Co-Host After Spat Live On Air

One of Australia's highest-profile radio show hosts was left alone on air this morning, after his co-host walked out on him after a spat live on air.

Kyle Sandilands, Australia's own self-styled shock jock, had a run-in with his co-presenter Jackie O soon after their show went on air at 6am, and Jackie laid into him for pulling a sickie last week, accusing him of leaving her "high and dry".

Kyle went on the defensive, telling her, "If you vomited in the car, I don't think you'd come to work either."

LISTEN ABOVE to the pair falling out and let us know - genuine or a ratings stunt?

The exchange grew increasingly heated, with Sandilands first threatening to go home again - "I don't have to put up with this" - and Jackie accusing him of being "always sick on a Friday".

The pair have been working together for ten years, but it's not the first time they've fallen out

Several pre-recorded features were then played out on air before, 40 minutes later, Kyle Sandilands came back and announced that Jackie had gone.

“In the spirit of transparency I’d like to let everyone know that Jackie and I, during the news, have had an argument and Jackie’s left,” he said.

“I’m not going to go into why, how, when, who said what, what happened, anything that got flicked around, she’s just not here.”

In a statement to, an ARN spokesperson said, “We’re looking forward to having Kyle and Jackie return to air together tomorrow morning on Kiis where they’ll no doubt talk through everything that happened this morning.”

This isn't the first time the volatile pair have disagreed in front of their listeners. Only a few weeks ago, Jackie accused Kyle of ruining an interview with Cameron Diaz, after he brought up the subject of her friend Drew Barrymore's drug use AND her new boyfriend Benji Madden. Cameron brought the interview to an abrupt end, and Jackie told Kyle off for his handling of the situation.

“Well that started very well and ended poorly I think, good one Kyle,” said Jackie O after the interview.

The Kyle and Jackie O show is Sydney's second highest-rating FM breakfast show in Sydney. The pair have been working together for a decade,

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