13/08/2014 07:39 BST | Updated 13/08/2014 07:59 BST

‘Doctor Who': Peter Capaldi Reveals Details Of Matt Smith's Time Lord Handover

Peter Capaldi has opened up about what it was like working with Matt Smith, filming the regeneration episode of ‘Doctor Who’.

Peter and Jenna-Louise Coleman are currently in Australia as part of the Doctor Who World Tour, where they faced questions from fans as part of a Q&A event.

Peter Capaldi and the Tardis land in Australia

While he was keen to keep the details of the upcoming series of the show a secret, Peter happily revealed new information about what it was like taking over from Matt.

When the pair were on set together, Matt staged something of an unofficial handover, Peter explained, giving him a watch and stating: “The Tardis is yours.”

Peter also revealed how his Time Lord will differ from Matt’s, stating that his will be “slightly more impatient and extremely fierce”, reports The Metro.

At 56, Peter is one of the older actors to take on the role of the Doctor and he’s previously joked that, compared to the character, he's a spring chicken.

"I don't feel elderly at all, and I don't think the Doctor's elderly, apart from the fact he's two and a half thousand years old.

"There's a magic about him which is not about being in your twenties and thirties.

"We don't consider the Wizard of Oz or Father Christmas to be too old. They're still magical characters, and the fact they've been around the block only adds to their magic."

‘Doctor Who’ returns to TV screens on 23 August.

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