'Great British Bake Off' Episode 2 Review: Biscuits

This week, biscuits. 36 to be exact, followed by 18 florentines, and big old biscuit-scape to finish.

Not just any old digestives, mind you, but ones lovingly furnished with everything from paprika to olives, via chives, rosemary and fennel. What happened to good old ginger nuts?

All except Norman, who didn't have anything going on in there, except flour, butter and lard. Surely that's too simple, I hear you cry. Not so much. They were perfect.

Norman's first batch was impressive in its simplicity

It's hard to spot a winner in these early weeks, although a few favourites - Richard, Nancy, Chetna - are starting to sneak ahead. But Enwezor had to find his way out of the tent after his Space Adventure Moon Scene biscuit-scape failed to impress and, shock horror, he had to admit his fondue wasn't homemade.

The biscuit round meant lots of audible, happy crunching from Paul and Mary

If we thought Nancy was going to have trouble following up last week's guillotine, she outdid herself this week with some sort of device that even pun-tastic Sue Perkins could only call an Iron Maiden… nope, me neither, except it seemed to make Nancy's biscuits uniformly round. Is Nancy technically cheating with all this gadgetry? It just seems a bit high-tech, compared with everyone else's efforts.

Enwezor had to go after his Space Adventure Moon Scene failed to impress

This week's bonus ball... if teenage Martha wasn't adorable enough, we got to see her dog Alfie, all curls and wagging tail. This young lady is obviously destined to have her own magazine. And domestic empire, just like that other Martha. While I'd like to see Norman given a government department. The ministry of plain, simple speaking, and baking.

Who do you think is destined to be this year's Star Baker? Choose from this lot...

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