13/08/2014 08:13 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

How To Make Greasy Hair Look Good

Are you ever guilty of hitting the snooze button instead of making time to wash your hair? You need to know these hair tips the next time you fancy a lie in.

From blowdrying hair upwards for added volume and body to sweeping it back into an easy-to-do style, this video reveals 10 top tricks that will transform your tresses in no time - especially when you're feeling a little bit lazy.

Using a broad bristle brush will also help to distribute oil throughout the hair, and did you know dry shampoo shouldn't be sprayed too closely to the roots, as this will only make them look greasier.

Add a few drops of serum to the ends of hair before trying a bit of backcombing and no one will know even know your secret.

Plus, giving your hair a break from daily shampooing is actually a good thing - too much washing will actually strip your hair of essential oils and if you're experimenting with a new braid or top knot, day-old locks work much better.

If you're really desperate to hide a bad hair day, you can always try one of these summer-inspired updos...

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