Is This A Man On The Moon? The Daily Mail Thinks It Might Be.

What's That On The Moon?

Earlier this week the Daily Mail discovered a human face on a comet.

Now they've found a man on the Moon. (You know, other than the ones we put there.)

The enterprising science journos at the Mail's website highlight the (sigh) findings of YouTube's Wowforreel, who claims to have found "an alien-like figure captured beside craters" on the Moon.

The figure can be seen "running on the surface" at 27°34’26.35″N 19°36’4.75″W on Google Moon. If, sigh (again), 'real', the figure would be thousands of feet high.

The picture does indeed resemble a human, though it's unlikely to be an alien. That said, there are other examples of similar finds.

As the Mail itself explains, the image is just another example of Pareidolia, a function of the brain which finds faces in patterns like a confused facial recognition system.


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