14/08/2014 13:01 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

10 Things All Toddlers REALLY Want To Do (And WILL Try To Do When Your Back Is Turned)

10 things all toddlers REALLY want to do (and WILL try to do when your back is turned)

1.They really want to cut their own hair
It's something they have been thinking about for AGES. Leave a pair of craft scissors unattended at any point, even the non-pointy ones, and you'll find your child 15 minutes later, hiding behind the sofa, sitting on tufts.

2. They really want to swing on the curtains.
Yes, they've been told time and time again that if they hang on them the whole pole will fall off the wall... but they don't believe you, they think you're just being mean.

3. They really want to cover the bathroom with toothpaste and stick stuff to it
It's frustrating for them that something which looks like glue is only ever dispatched in tiny, pea-sized amounts – and disappears in their mouth.

4. They really want to touch the toilet brush
Simply because ever since they have been able to move, they've been told not to touch it, or indeed go anywhere near it. They don't just want to touch it though, do they? No, actually they want to clean the floor, and the walls, and the bath with it.

5. They really want to post things
There is something so brilliantly intriguing about putting something through a hole and it just, well, disappearing. Forever. So, if they can't reach the letter box to post valuable items from the inside of your house to the outside of your house (car keys for example), they will definitely settle for your credit cards and a gap between the floorboards

6. They really want to write and draw things in your work diary
Yes, they have their own paper, but it's just not the same. They might do one or two pictures on their own pad, but in your diary? They really want to do a picture and 'writing' on every last page. Just for you.

7. They really want to carry their bike/scooter/toy buggy up the stairs
Warnings about the dangers of wheeled toys at the top of a staircase fall on deaf ears when all they can focus on is HOW FAST THEY COULD GO DOWN!

8. They really REALLY want to drink squash without water in it
They might not even drink squash as a general rule, but they have a very strong suspicion that neat squash is amazingly delicious. First chance they get, they'll grab themselves a cup/bowl/vase, fill it with neat squash and hide somewhere, grimacing as they persevere and force it down (because, surprisingly enough, it's actually quite foul).

9.They really want to make an actual successful telephone call
This usually results in having a proper person on the other end – even if they are saying "HELLO? HELLO? WHO IS THIS? PUT THE PHONE DOWN!" or, alternatively "Emergency services, which service do you require?" They'll never give up.

10. They really want to give the cat a bath
When they try, and fail, they'll really want to make the cat wear a doll's outfit. When they try this, and fail again, they'll really want to decorate the cat with very sticky stickers. Bingo!

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