10 Universal Parenting Truths

Baby boy crying in candy aisle of grocery store
Baby boy crying in candy aisle of grocery store

Life is full of those Sod's Law moments - forgetting your umbrella on the one day it's pouring down, dropping your toast butter side down, getting an enormous spot on the day of a job interview, your hair suddenly looking brilliant on the day you're getting it all cut off...

But when it comes to parenting, Sod's Law is taken to a whole new level. From saving that explosive poo for the one day you forgot to bring their change of clothes to waiting until you're somewhere sacred, like in the middle of a wedding ceremony, to unleash their wildest ever tantrum, babies and toddlers are the masters of inappropriate timing.

As a result, parents the length and breadth of the country are going about their business with a discomforting sense of foreboding, bracing themselves with a strong, niggling feeling that something terrible is about to happen. And they are wise to do so because it probably is.

Here are some of the classic cases of Little Sods' Law. Sound familiar?