14/08/2014 16:56 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

10 Ways To Boost Your Energy

10 things that boost your energy

Hooray, 10 energy-boosting, life savers for exhausted mums.

1. Funny children. They're funny, those children. My three year old makes me laugh so much, that I dedicate a post a week to her funny antics and words. I can be feeling like twenty bison have sat on my head and when she says something like SHUT THE DOOR DADDY OR MUMMY AND ME WILL BE VERY, VERY CROSS AND it's LETTING ALL THE HEATS OUT AND it's NOT WARM ANYMORE AND it's NAUGHTY!!! I'm instantly lifted.

2. Time. Just a simple moment in time to myself often gives me an energy boost. I can feel so frazzled with the daily routine (or military operation) of ensuring my girls are fed, watered, toileted, occupied and generally happy. Then suddenly, I'll realise that they are both quiet, eating their dinner or playing with their respective toys. I make myself a brew, have a sit down and I'm calm again. Ready for the next round.

3. Talking. By this, I mean just a simple conversation in the evening with Mr EC about what we've been doing that day, what's happened, random thoughts‚ just whatever. After a rushed day, I've realised how calming and uplifting this can be. It takes a while to happen‚ my mind goes blank as soon as we see each other at the end of a day, whether I've been working or at home. Then throughout the evening we wind down and I remember the simple things I wanted to tell him. Talking is the simplest way of releasing energy.

4. Rainbow coloured vegetables. This sounds terribly poncy but I've recently been obsessed with eating vegetables of all colours to aid my energy levels and general health. I suffered from Glandular Fever earlier this year which didn't exactly help with persistent tiredness, so I needed to something to help my body recover. Of course I should have been eating a range of vegetables before, but it's easy to let things slip. It's onwards and upwards with yellow peppers and butternut squash!

5. Having stuff to do and doing it. A feeling of achievement helps me to see that my use of precious energy has at least accomplished something. I'm an obsessive list maker and being able to cross things off, sad as it may seem, gives me a boost and spurs me on to do even more.

6. A cuddle. Yep‚ fetch the sick bag. Hey, maybe this is why three-year-old keeps getting up in the night saying she wants a cuddle! The warmth and positivity of small cuddle from child or partner gives a little bit of lost energy back again.

7. Blogging. I've been blogging for over six months now. I'm always surprised when, usually in the evening, I begin writing thinking I'm knackered and can't be bothered to write much, and end up writing a great deal. Plus, I feel refreshed after doing it. I don't know why it is, but blogging for me is uplifting.

8. Exercise. Similar to blogging in that I never want to get off my behind and do any exercise, but whenever I do I feel instantly better and have more energy. Ashtanga yoga is my exercise of choice currently (when I actually get myself there) but I have been known to be a gym freak and even participate in a 10k run. Get me.

9. Spa days. A whole spa day? Great things happen to one's brain and general spirit on a spa day. It takes a while to unwind and then gradually‚ it's bliss. I feel like a new person after a whole day of treat time.

10. Trying something new. Finding a new pastime that you enjoy does wonders for energy levels. For me, this year it's been blogging. Previously, I've taken night classes, tried a new form of exercise, done a swimathon, tried new classes or groups with my children. It's exciting and gives me a buzz to try new things.

I enjoyed writing that. Now, where's the kettle?

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