14/08/2014 12:50 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

14-Year-Old's Amazing Images Of Tiny Boy In Fantasy World

Teen's awe-inspiring images of shrunken down boy in fantastical world

A teenager has taken the internet by storm with his amazing fantasy images that make normal-sized people appear tiny.

In the incredible photos people are digitally shrunken so they can sit on acorns, build rafts from lolly sticks and fly around on paper aeroplanes.

They have been created by Zev Hoover, 14, from Natick, Massachusetts, goes by the Flickr username Fiddle Oak, a play on 'little folk', which adequately describes the incredible images that make up his 'miniature world'.

Zev told that while he takes the photos with his own camera, his older sister Nell, 18, was the brains behind the original tiny people concept.

Zev's work has attracted the attention of professional photographers and designers.

Teen's awe-inspiring images of shrunken down boy in fantastical world

The process involves capturing the background image first, shrinking photos of people in similar lighting, manipulating the images in Photoshop and editing the color scheme so that it all matches.

"It takes a long time," he said. No kidding!

One image shows a boy constructing a house of playing cards, his body the same size as the cards. In another, a 'miniature' boy and girl sit upon a raft made of lolly sticks, the sail of which is a single leaf.

Many of Zev's images explore nature, including one in which a boy perches inside the shell of an acorn. Another nature-themed photo, which plays with and distorts size ratio, shows a miniscule-looking boy sitting on the edge of a rock, a violin in his hand.

The youngest of four, Zev - who is home-schooled by his sculptural artist mother - grew up in a household that fostered creative pursuits.

In his spare time, he browses technology blogs, builds and flies model airplanes, and dreams about going to college to study art or graphic design.