18 Signs You're A Brilliant Parent (Despite All The Epic Fails)

Mother and baby hugging and smiling
Mother and baby hugging and smiling

Beginning to think you're never going to crack this elusive parenting lark? That you're simply lurching from one mistake to another?

You're not alone. Feelings of inadequacy and guilt are default settings for the average parent. And it's hardly surprising. When was the last time you were congratulated by your children for going above and beyond the call of duty or working overtime?

Looking after a baby can be like working for a demanding and thankless boss at times - quick to yell when you make a mistake but never says thank you when you get it right - while raising a toddler is akin to having your most difficult client move into your house and expect you to work around the clock for zero pay.

But children are just children after all, and not in the business of appraisals and feedback forms, so just because they don't tell you you're doing an awesome job doesn't mean you aren't. The signs are to be found in the little everyday things that you do and the way they react.

If any of the signs below sound familiar, take it from us - you're doing a brilliant job.