14/08/2014 16:56 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

2013's Strangest Baby Names And 2014 Baby Name Predictions

Five babies, one looking in different direction

As any new parent knows, choosing a name for your baby can be fraught with challenges. When we were naming our first-born son I insisted on sticking with family tradition and calling him after his dad (me) in the same way I was after mine.

But my wife didn't exactly agree. "Over my dead body," were her exact words.

"But what's wrong with Keith?" I insisted.

"Keith Chegwin, Keith Harris & Orville, Keith from The Office. Little babies should not be called 'Keith'. End of!" she replied.

"But I was," I retorted.

"Yes, and look how you turned out." So in the end, we compromised and I was able to persuade my wife to stick with family names by calling our son after his grandfathers and two of his uncles: Thomas George.

We are nothing if not imaginative in our family! The next son was easier: we named him after my childhood dog – Sam.

This might sound a bit harsh, but I reasoned that my great-grandfather was called Sam and that was why we named our two family dogs Sam. Human Sam would be carrying on a tradition that stretched back more than 100 years. And this time, my wife bought it! (It could have been worse – my granddad's middle name was Maurice!).

Such discussions are the battleground for new parents up and down the country every hour of every day.

Do you fall in line and go for a name from the Most Popular lists that are published every year? (This year, for boys it's Oliver, Jack and Charlie; and for girls Olivia, Emily and Sophia).

Or do you find your inspiration from current affairs, celebrities, television and music?

If you've just had a baby or are having a baby in 2014, what names have struck a chord? After all, this is a big decision – one that will affect your child's life for all of their days.

Perhaps a trawl through the archive of baby names in 2103 might provide some inspiration - if not what to call your child, then certainly what not to call them!

If you thought Keith was bad some parents intent on being different have thrown out the most common baby names this year in favour of something a tad more, er, memorable.

The American website Katie Price added another to her brood of Harvey, Princess and Junior, with Jett Riviera. And Saturdays' star Frankie Sandford came up with the moniker Parker for her little 'un with footballer Wayne Bridge.

Pop couple Rochelle Wiseman and JLS's Marvin Hughes had Alaia-Mai. And who can forget Klay, born to