14/08/2014 12:43 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

30 Ways To Be The Perfect Daughter (According To This Quite Silly Survey)

Do you ever feel guilty for not calling your mum back? Or for being snappy and demanding? Well, just in case you want to turn over a new leaf, have a gander at this - the top 30 things it takes to be the perfect daughter. That's right, 30.

Steel Magnolias

Compiled by 2,000 mothers and daughters surveyed by, some of the requirements are understandable ("mucks in with family dinners") while others we're taking with a pinch of salt ("watches the same soaps").

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1. Tells her mum her problems
2. Is honest on shopping trips
3. Calls regularly
4. Always available in a crisis/emergency
5. Goes on girlie day trips/weekend breaks
6. Texts daily updates
7. Mucks-in with family dinners
8. Waters the plants whilst on holidays
9. Looks after the dog/cat/pets whilst on holidays
10. Offers lifts
11. Always on hand for a cup of tea
12. Lets her mum interfere with her wedding
13. Watches the same soaps
14. Helps her mum pick out clothes
15. Surprises her mum with unexpected gifts
16. Sends her mum funny things on Facebook
17. Takes her for girlie lunches
18. Write her thoughtful notes / cards
19. Chats about TV shows they watch
20. Has a day that she always visits her mum, i.e. every Sunday
21. Gets on with her mum's friends
22. Helps with the housework when she comes over
23. Brings flowers for the house
24. Recommends toiletries/products
25. Joins her mum and friends on days out together
26. Sends cute cards for no reason
27. Makes/buys more personal gifts for her mum
28. Invites her around for meals
29. Lends her clothes and accessories
30. Lets her mum use her makeup

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