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37 Silly Questions Our Kids Asked Dick &Amp; Dom - And Their Pretty Odd Answers

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Very rarely do children make a parent's life easier. But this was one such occasion. I was invited to interview CBBC heroes Dick & Dom and when I mentioned this to my three children (aged 11, nine and six), the older two started screaming like girls at a One Direction concert.

"They're sooooooo coooooool," said the 11-year-old.

"They're seeeeeeeeriously funneeeeeee!" said her nine-year-old brother.

"Who?' said the six-year-old, which was pretty much my response.

Of course I'd heard of them – what parent hasn't? – but I wasn't overly familiar because I was quite happy to use them as virtual babysitters for my kids, especially when their mates came round to play while I got on with some work aka cooking, cleaning, ironing etc etc.

So instead of doing the interview myself, I thought I'd enlist the help of some experts i.e. our kids and their friends here at Parentdish HQ.

When I tasked them with coming up with some questions to ask children's telly's most famous duo since Bill and Ben (my era), they went bonkers and used the challenge to claim bragging rights as surveyed all the kids in their classes.

"The sillier the better," I said. "They love a laugh, don't they?" I added. "They're dead down-to-earth, aren't they?"

Our children didn't need asking twice, or briefing about specifics. They know Dick & Dom like the backs of their little hands.

But I don't. So I looked them up. According to their agent: "The pair met at the BBC back in 1996 when Dick was working as a runner (maker of tea) and Dom was appearing on CBBC shows as a magician. Dick had a spare room in a house he was renting and Dom moved in.

"During the five years they lived together, they presented the CBBC Broom Cupboard Live continuity links, and over the last 16 years of being a double act, Dick and Dom have become two of the most loved presenters and one of the biggest brands in the children's arena.

"They found fame on the double BAFTA award winning Dick and Dom in da Bungalow which ran for five series and saw celebrities and contestants playing various oddly named and weirdly themed games. "It led to their love of creamy muck muck(custard) and the word that has become synonymous with them and is often shouted at them in the street – Bogies!"

Along lots of other great stuff, they're known for The Legend of Dick and Dom, where they play the feckless Princes Dick and Dom of Fyredor, ran for three successful series and was nominated for a BAFTA 3 times.

At the moment, they're appearing in Monty Python's Spamalot in the West End, and next year they'll be unveiling an all-new live show.

They sound brilliant, don't they? Dead talented. Dead funny. No wonder our kids thinks they're, er, amazeballs!

So I couldn't wait to see what wit and fun and imagination they'd come up with in response to my children's and their friends very silly questions.


What was the weirdest place you have ever played bogeys?

Dick: Doing it abroad and playing it in different languages was quite surreal

Dom: London aquarium as Rich got pinned up against the wall and got called a moron and maker of horror movies

Can you blow up a balloon with your nose?

Dick: yes

Dom: nope

How did you make Diddy movies and diddy Dick and Dom?

Dick: over to him...

Dom: the original diddies are made with little puppet bodies held in front of our bodies. The 'DIDDY movies' series uses CGI

Which one of you is the weirdest?

Dom: both pretty odd

How long have you known each other?

Dom: 18 years

Have you ever used the splatzooka?

Dick: no

Dom: nope, we aren't allowed on the course.

Why are you so AWESOME?

Dom: Just a gift!

What is your biggest fear?

Dick/Dom: Scrolling down and seeing 30 more silly questions ;)

What is your favourite Dick and Dom in da bungalow game?

Dick: creamy muck muck

What's next for you guys?

Dom: we are in Spamalot in the playhouse theatre in London's West End.

Favourite toy when you were a child?

Dick: Starwars Figures

Dom: Starwars Figures

Favourite toy now?

Dom: we don't have one as we are adults.

Who's your favourite superhero?

Dick: mi fatha

Dom: mi Dad

Favourite cartoon baddie?

Dick: Baron silas greenback from Dangermouse

Dom: Dick Destedly

Choose as a pal: Phineas or Ferb? Or Doofenschmirtz?

Dick: Spongebob

Dom: Spongebob.

What is Dick short for?


And Dom?


Who would win in a boxing match?

Dick: Barry McGuigen

Dom: Frank Bruno

Do you like cheese? Which kind?

Dick: stilton

Dom: smoked cheese.

Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift?

Dom: neither thanks

Which football team do you support?

Dom: Man U and Exeter City

Your nickname growing up and/or now?

Dick: Dick


Favourite biscuit?

Dom: Gary Baldy

Favourite crisp flavour?

Dick: salt and vinegar

Dom: Salt n Vinegar EVERY TIME

What were you like at school?

Dick: very silly

Dom: very silly

What's spam and have you ever eaten it?

Dom: a lot........Spamalot

Dick: what's your favourite thing about Dom?

Dick: his height

Dick: What's most annoying about Dom?

Dick: his height

Dom: what's the most annoying about Dick?

Dom: his nose

Do you like monkeys?

Dom: who doesn't?

Have you ever killed a fly? Why?

Dick: no, always save them

Dom: yes. Because they are grubby.

What do you want for Christmas?

Dick: day off

Dom: day off

Worst gift you've ever received?

Dom: flu

Any phobias or fears?

Dick: heights

Tell us a few slightly naughty but very silly words

Dick: Bomb rotter (a very loud fart)

Dom: Futtocs (when you stand on lego, a hairbrush etc)

What are you doing in Spamalot?

Dick: playing King Arthur and Patsy. (Playhouse theatre 2nd Decemer)

Dom: eating ham, jam and spam... a lot...

Boyhood heroes?

Dick: Philip Schofield
Dom: Chris Evans.

• Many thanks to LeapFrog for setting us up with Dick & Dom, who were supporting LeapFrog at Dream Toys, where LeapPad Ultra, the ultimate kids-learning tablet, was included in the Dream Toys top ten Christmas toys for 2013". You can watch them in a much more entertaining video here.

• Thanks also to Daisy, Tom, Olivia, Mia, Alec, Kobe, Marni, Eliza, Amon, Jack and Shazad for their questions.

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