8 Toddler Habits That Really Are Just A Phase

Young boy making a silly face with his ice cream
Young boy making a silly face with his ice cream

If you're in the midst of raising a toddler, you will probably be all too familiar with the words, "Oh, it's probably just a phase!".

Whether it's from grandparents, forums or well-meaning friends, this appears to be the blanket answer to pretty much every conceivable toddler issue.

They're hitting the other children at nursery? It's just a phase! They're terrified of the bath? It's just a phase! They've started waking at 3am? It's just a phase!

But while this oft-uttered phrase might not seem very helpful when you're in the throes of one of these so-called phases, in the majority of cases, it's probably true.

Even the most weird and wonderful behavioural quirks can be attributed to your toddler's physical, cognitive or emotional development - and will, therefore, only last for a short time.

If any of the following common traits sound familiar, you'll be pleased to hear this is completely normal toddler behaviour and trust us: It. Will. Pass.