14/08/2014 12:56 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

80 Stitches For Toddler After Dog Attack. Family Rift As Step-Grandfather Refuses To Destroy Pet

Wales News Service

A three-year-old girl was left needing 80 stitches in her face after she was mauled by her step-grandad's pet husky dog.

Maddison Green was attacked as she was being taken to bed in Newport, South Wales. But despite the severity of the attack, her grandmother's partner, Dave Sellwood, refuses to have the animal put down because he says 'there's no point'.

His stance has caused a bitter rift in the family, with Maddison's dad Craig who accused Mr Sellwood of 'putting the dog first'.

Wales News Service

If the incident had happened in a public place the dog could have been put down - but the law does not apply on private land. The Government plans to remove the loophole next year.

Craig said the dog, called Zeus, jumped forwards and bit into her face last Saturday.

She had a two-hour operation to stitch her face at the Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport, after which Mr Green called on his stepfather to have the dog put down. But Mr Sellwood, 41, said no.

Craig, 28, of Porth, Rhondda, said: "I cannot believe that there is nothing we can do to prevent this dog from attacking again.

"My stepfather is refusing to put the dog down. He regards it like a child. But it could have killed my daughter.

"He has no children of his own, but Maddison has been brought up to call him grandad. I cannot believe he is putting the dog first."

Wales News Service

Craig said the dangerous dogs law needs to be changed now so the husky can be destroyed.

He added: "The law should be changed right now. We have to stop this from happening. How can a little girl be injured and no one be held responsible?"

Fitness trainer Mr Sellwood told Craig there is 'no point' in putting the dog down now.

Craig said: "He has told me and my partner that now the attack has happened there is no point in killing his pet. But it is totally absurd. The husky could have killed Maddison."

On the night of the attack last Saturday Maddison was staying with her grandmother.

Craig and his partner, Cerys Shirley, 24, had left her with their son David, four, and his brother's children to stay the night.

Craig added: "When we got the call about what had happened it was horrible. Cerys is devastated - it seems utterly unfair that no one is responsible for this in the eyes of the law."

Mr Sellwood said: "Craig wasn't even here when it happened, whatever he says is just hearsay. Apart from that, I've got nothing else to say."