14/08/2014 12:38 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

A Dawson's Creek Reunion: The Pros And Cons

Katie Holmes is utterly DESPERATE for a Dawson's Creek reunion... Apparently. While we're not sure this is the best idea Katie's ever had, rumour has it the former wife of Tom Cruise has been in touch with old cast-mate Michelle Williams in a bid to get the ball rolling.

Considering Michelle's character died at the end we're not sure how they'll incorporate her back in... Perhaps as a ghost?

According to reports Katie and Michelle really didn't see eye-to-eye when they starred alongside each other in the hit teen sitcom, but now KH hopes to put the past behind them.

"She wants to make amends with Michelle," an insider told OK! magazine. "Even though it's arguable that Michelle was the main aggressor on the [Dawson's Creek] set.

"Katie's over all that now and she's much more confident and stronger as a person and will let bygones be bygones."

But do we really need to see more Dawson's Creek over 10 years after the final show aired? We're not certain.

The only way we can be sure is to make a good ol' pros and cons list.

Pro: We miss Pacey
Pacey Witter aka Joshua Jackson was officially the hottest guy on TV from 1998 until 2003, plus he had a boat. Josh is still pretty fit these days so we wouldn't mind seeing him on our telly boxes on a regular basis.

Con: Dawson Leery
Dawson's Creek's main failing was Dawson himself. He was annoying, and whiney and used to cry... A lot.


Pro: We need to know where they all are now
Just like Friends we all have an overwhelming desire to know what happened next. Don't even pretend you haven't dreamt about Pacey and Joey's children... Or Dawson's failed career in the movie business.

Con: Jen won't be there
As all die-hard Creekers will know Jen (played by Michelle Williams) died, so unless the writers plan on pulling a Dirty Den-style resurrection a la EastEnders, we don't think we can deal with a series without her.