Abbey Clancy Entertains Guests By Showing Them Her Birthing Video

Abbey Clancy's invited us round to her place to watch a movie.

What will it be? The Hunger Games? Crouch-ing Tiger, Hidden Dragon? Nope: her birthing video. Noooooooo, make it stoppppppp!

Model and Strictly Come Dancing winner Abbey has revealed she entertains her guests by showing them a home movie of the moment daughter Sophia came into the world three years ago.

Footballer Peter Crouch's wife told Marie Claire magazine: "Every time Pete and I have a party - and we've had a few - the birth video goes on.

"I think everyone I know has seen it. I shouldn't say that really, should I. Ha, ha!"

Abbey also praised Stoke City striker Peter's dad skills with Sophia.

She said: "He's such a capable dad, he's unbelievable. He's been so hands-on. It's like she's got two mums.

"He's better than me. He is obsessed with her. He will play with her, bath her, feed her, dress her."