Alesha Dixon: 'Going To Work Feels Like Time Off Now I'm A Mum'

Alesha Dixon balancing baby Azura and Britain's Got Talent
Alesha Dixon balancing baby Azura and Britain's Got Talent

Alesha Dixon says that working on Britain's Got Talent feels like a holiday compared with looking after her six-month-old daughter Azura.

"It makes me laugh when people say, 'Ah, you get a bit of time off at home now,'" she said. "I think, 'No I don't!' Going to work actually feels like time off."

Alesha has opened up about balancing motherhood with her job as a talent show judge, following her return to the BGT auditions in January when Azura was just three months old.

Rather than leave Azura at home, which Alesha admitted 'was never going to be easy,' she decided to bring her along to auditions. (Seems like the adverts featuring the judges' babies aren't far off the truth!)

Instead of hiring a nanny, Alesha's partner, Azuka Ononye, and her mother, Beverly - who she calls 'super-nanny' - help look after Azura while Alesha is on camera.

"It was still tough but I was glad I could do it," Alesha told The Express. "For me, it's important to work and continue to be the person I am. I love doing both."

"Becoming a mum is hard and it's bonkers but you learn so much. It opens up your heart a lot more but I still have fire in my belly!"

Despite having to juggle the demands of a young baby with a hectic filming schedule, Alesha revealed that she is finding this series much easier than last year's, when she was struggling to hide the fact she was six months pregnant.

Alesha had not revealed the exciting news to family and friends before the auditions kicked off and she didn't want some eagle eyed viewer to break the news before she'd had the chance.

"Oh my goodness, it was difficult to keep to myself," she said. "When the buzzers went off, the baby used to kick me. And imagine having to sit there in those little dresses. I wasn't particularly sociable either – for obvious reasons. Everyone must have thought I was such a boring cow."

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