14/08/2014 12:34 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Alexa Chung's Answer To The Season Change: Biker Jacket And Fedora

British summertime is officially over, September is upon us and it's definitely time to swap those denim shorts for some warmer winter-proof gear. The shades can stay though.

Alexa Chung (so "It" when it comes to awesome street style, FROW chic and on-screen cool she's written a book all about it) knows exactly how to take on a season change.


In fact, according to Alexa the rules to seeing through this in-between seasons stage is easy. There's three staple pieces a gal about town needs in her wardrobe this Autumn/Winter - ok there's actually hundreds but lets be brief...

1. A floppy fedora hat. Preferably in madder carmine - it's THE colour of choice this season.

2. A leather jacket. If you don't have one, invest in one immediately. That grungy biker girl vibe works like a charm. It's edgy outerwear that you can literally team with anything.

3. Black suede ankle boots.

Voila - bag these and you're already on track for a whole lot of sartorial winning this season. Yes Alexa's our go-to girl now, but she hasn't always had her look down to a tee (and she's the first to say so!)

Here's a look at her style file from way back when...