14/08/2014 12:53 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Alfa, Mercedes And Porsche: Motor Mad Mum Names Kids After Cars!

We've had fives babies with names beginning with D, and several crackers celeb choices, but mum Joy Lowther has taken baby name themes into a whole new gear.

Mum of four Joy thinks car names are 'beautiful' and has chosen motor-based names for her three children Alfa, Mercedes and Porsche. Joy and husband Kevin, from Norfolk, also have an older son, but he is simply called Frank.

Porsche was born in super-speedy time in a Tesco store room after Joy went into labour during a supermarket shop recently.

Despite Porsche's dramatic delivery, 28-year-old Joy isn't quite done. She is planning a fifth baby and she has already chosen a name - Bentley. Presumably that's for a boy or girl.

Speaking about Porsche's arrival, Joy said: "When I went to the baby aisle in Tesco, I didn't think it would be to have a baby. The supervisor in the store was the one who delivered the baby but all the staff were great.

"Because I had Mercedes I had always planned to call the next one Porsche. Then she arrived so quickly, so Porsche was quite fitting. My son is called Alfie, but because the girls are named after cars we all refer to him as 'Alfa'.

"Like any new mum the kids are driving me up the wall. But it's fantastic having them all."

Tesco branch manager Cheryl Moir, 40, who helped deliver Porsche in the Tesco store said: "It was really, really special to be involved in such an amazing experience.

"To be part of that process was a real privilege. You don't stop to think, instinct just cuts in."