14/08/2014 12:55 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

All For A Cup Of Coffee? Kopi Luwak And Animal Abuse

Sometimes I am truly staggered by the ignorance of the human race and the lengths that it will go to for a so called 'luxury', and today is no exception.

Now I had naively heard of some kind of cat-poo coffee, that was supposed to taste great and cost a fortune. It was on one of those tongue-in-cheek comedy shows, that you half-watch, half-ignore while you're tapping away on your keyboard. Recently I was further enlightened about this new rich-person's craze, when half-heartedly listening to the news during a long session of freelance work.

Today I've finally got to the meat of the subject and I am utterly horrified by what I've read.


Over 22 years ago, Tony Wild discovered an incredibly rare, Indonesian coffee called Kopi Luwak. This coffee is created from partially digested coffee cherries that have been excreted from an animal called the Luwak – a cat-like and wild creature – remember the word 'wild' here, because it's important.

Tony goes on to explain how this originally rare coffee has fast become popular,

Back when I discovered it, the droppings would be collected from the wild, which makes it hard to harvest reliably in big quantities and therefore not a commercially viable crop. However, a rise in the demand for the coffee along with the huge price it commands – it sells for up to $100 per cup – means that wild civets are now being illegally poached in the jungle, caged in cramped prison-camp conditions and force-fed coffee cherries to mass produce the coffee. pandering to the foibles of rich and leading to the suffering and death of defenceless wild luwaks.

I am devastated that my discovery inadvertently led to this cruel animal sweatshop trade. I'm now trying to stop this trade as the massively increased demand has created a horrific industry, pandering to the foibles of rich and leading to the suffering and death of defenceless wild luwaks. And. what's worse, coffee-farmers in China, Vietnam, India and the Philippines are now jumping on the bandwagon too.

Tony needs our help. This devastatingly horrific form of animal slavery and cruelty, needs to stop – even more so with high-end retailers stocking this stuff, on the notion that it's been sustainably produced. This is not true – the very nature of how this coffee is made, mean's it can't possibly be the produce of wild civets alone and the wool is not only being pulled over their eyes, but the eyes of every person who buys it too.

Cut The Crap campaign kopi luwak

This coffee is not a luxury – it's the product of caged animals in complete and utter distress, being force-fed a diet that makes them brutally ill, kept in diabolical conditions (even those in enclosures still suffer) and eventually dying as a result.

All for a cup of coffee.

It's. Just. Not. Right!


Here's how you can help:

Sign the Cut The Crap Petition which calls for Harrods to stop stocking Kopi Luwak, and share it with your friends. Watch the recent BBC Programme that Tony Wild was involved in on this subject and read the campaign's manifesto for a better idea of what it's trying to achieve.

Most of all, please don't ignore this. It's rare that I get this passionate about anything other than my children but reading this, has highlighted just how much we turn a blind eye to the wrong that goes on on the planet. Enough is enough.

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