Am I Having A Girl Or Boy? Predicting Your Baby's Gender

Peter Dazeley

Signs and superstitions were once the only way prospective parents could guess the sex of their unborn child. Nowadays, of course, mums and dads-to-be can choose to find out the gender of their baby at the second scan, which takes places between 18 and 21 weeks into pregnancy.

But if you can't wait that long, or if you're just after a bit of fun, there are some less orthodox methods at your disposal that might be able to give you a hint as towhether it's a boy or a girl.

First, a couple of gender predictors which, while not medically or scientifically endorsed, are nonetheless still touted as fool-proof by devotees.

There's nub theory, which says that careful examination of a foetus' developing genitalia at the 12 week scan can unlock the secret of your baby's gender. Apparently, it's all in the angle of the 'nub', so get your protractor out...

The Chinese Gender Predictor, based on the lunar calendar, combines your age with the month of conception and plots the result on a table which reveals the gender of your baby.

Conception calendars have been in use since the 13th century, so perhaps there's something to it!These two methods of predicting a baby's gender are still trusted by many – in fact, the internet is frothing with mums-to-be anxious to know more about them or singing their praises after the scan confirms their mysterious workings.

The same can't be said of some traditional practices, however...

Old wives' tales about identifying a baby's gender abound, some of them downright bizarre. Here are a few of our faves – did your granny ever tell you these?

Signs it's a girl

A 'high' and 'all round' baby bump.

Morning sickness.

Can you look at yourself in the mirror for a minute without your pupils dilating? If so, congrats, says this old wives' tale – it's a girl! Not sure what it means if you can do this and you're not pregnant, though.

The classic! Tie your wedding ring to a piece of string and hold it over your stomach – if it swings from side to side, you're having a girl (these old superstitions weren't made with unmarried mums in mind!).

Craving sweet foods.

Your pillow faces south when you sleep (we're not sure exactly how you're meant to work this out).

Softer skin than usual.

When you show your hands, you present them palms-up.

Signs it's a boy

A 'low' and 'out front' baby bump.

No morning sickness (if only!).

The ring-on-a-string moves in circles.

Cravings for savoury foods.

Shinier, more voluminous hair.

Cold feet (literally, not having second thoughts about having kids).

Unusually prone to headaches (just preparing you for things to come).

You were the more aggressive party when your baby was conceived (you'd better ask your partner).