Amelia - The Meaning, Origin And Other Facts About The Name

The name Amelia comes from the Germanic name Amalia, which is one of many ancient German names derived from the root 'amal' meaning 'work'. Therefore the name implies that the bearer is hardworking and industrious.

Although Amelia sounds like the name Emily, that name comes from the Latin Aemilia and is not thought to be related.

Amelia became popular in the UK during the 18th century, when the German Hanover family came to the throne. George II and George III both had daughters named Amelia, which cemented the name's popularity in the country. It was the most popular baby name for girls born in the UK in 2012.

Famous people called Amelia:

Amelia Earhart, pioneering aviator

Minnie Driver, English actress (born Amelia Fiona Driver)

Amelia Bloomer, early American feminist and wearer of bloomers

Amelia Bullmore, English actress and writer

Amélie Poulain, protagonist of 2001 film hit Amélie

Can be shortened to:

Mia, Mel, Emma, Lia, Emmy, Millie, Minnie

Surnames to avoid Amelia with:

Surnames beginning with an 'I' sound, ie. Inman or Ingman, might cause problems as when said aloud this combination of sounds may result in elision – when two words slurred together end up sounding like one.

Similar names:

Foreign variants include Amélie (French), Amália (Hungarian) and Amalija (Croatian).

Similar English names include Emily, Emilia, Emma, Mia, Amy and Amanda.

Male variations:

Masculine variations of Amelia include Emil, Emile, Emmet and Emery.

Celebrities who named their baby Amelia:

Paul Anka