14/08/2014 12:47 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Angry Dad Claims 'Spoilt Brat' Justin Bieber Treated His Teen Daughter 'Like Dirt'

Angry dad claims 'spoilt brat' Justin Bieber treated his teen daughter 'like dirt'

An angry dad has accused Justin Bieber of treating his daughter 'like dirt' after he refused to give her a cuddle.

The father's 15-year-old daughter had won a competition to meet the teen heart-throb but was kept waiting for three hours. When she finally got to see her idol he spent 'less than 10 seconds' with her.

And when she asked him for a cuddle, she claimed he told her: "I don't have time."

Her unnamed dad, from Weybridge, Surrey, told The Sun: "The way he has treated my daughter and her friend is appalling, like dirt.

"They won the competition to meet him, but paid an extra £150 each to see him in concert afterwards and how has he repaid them? By acting like a spoiled brat. It's disgusting."

Justin isn't having too good a week at the hands of the British press after he kept hundreds of fans teenage fans waiting for two hours before he appeared on stage for a concert at the 02 on Monday night, forcing many to miss his hit songs because they had to leave to catch trains home.