14/08/2014 16:45 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Are Face Wipes Bad For Your Skin?

How often do you reach for a packet of face wipes when you take off your makeup? Every night? You might want to kick that habit.

Yes, they're the handiest of skincare products out there and yes, wet wipes are the best beauty time-saver, but these 'cleansing' tissues might not be doing your complexion any favours.

We spoke to dermatologist Dr Stefanie Williams to find out more about the effect of wipes on the skin.

Young woman wiping off liptick, mid section, close-up

"I always recommend washing the skin with a cleanser and water," Dr Williams told us.

"Wet wipes are okay to use once in a while, if there is no possibility to wash with water properly, but they don't even take off makeup very well in my opinion."

This doesn't mean avoiding wipes all together. How else can we keep our complexions feeling fresh in the middle of a muddy field at a festival? Instead, when you do use them, find a product that suits your skin type.
"If it's a wet wipe for more oily skin, they may contain potentially irritating ingredients, which are then not rinsed off. If you buy wet wipes for dry and sensitive skin, they might not cleanse properly and could despite that still be irritating," says Dr Williams.

"Wet wipes may also contain allergenic ingredients, which may cause allergic contact dermatitis."

And if you really can't live without your favourite form of makeup remover? "Minimise use to absolutely necessary situations and try to stick to fragrance-free and detergent-free varieties."

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