Are These The Most Pampered Kids In Britain?

Scarlett and Savannah Jacobs may be just two and one years old respectively, but they have already had more money spent on them than many people earn in a year.

Mum Faye Jacobs has lavished the toddlers with £45,000 worth of designer clothes, expensive toys and luxury holidays over the last two years.

Despite their young age, Faye believes her daughters have developed an appreciation for the luxuries she buys them.

According to the 30-year-old mum, her oldest daughter Scarlett's ability to tell the difference between high-street and high-end fashion would put even Suri Cruise to shame.

"Scarlett's turned into a total snob already," Faye admits. "She looks at some clothes and won't even dare pick them up.


We've bought her clothes from Primark, and she sort of looks at it as though to say 'there's not a hope in hell I'm wearing that' and it's put to the side.


In just two years freelance digital marketing consultant Faye has splashed out £7,000 on an extravagant designer wardrobe for her daughters, including Ralph Lauren dresses, Juicy Couture tops, Angel's Face tutus and silk Merino Kids pajamas - all of which, of course, they've quickly outgrown.

Faye cemented her attitude to throw-away fashion on the day she became a mother.

"Scarlett's coming home from the hospital outfit was a little Ralph Lauren babygro," she says. "I never had her in it again because we didn't find out the baby's sex and the babygro was blue. That cost £65 I think."

While spending large amounts on children's clothes may seem excessive to many, Faye rationalises her decisions by saying she invests in quality for her daughters - especially when it comes to their footwear.

"It's important that they walk properly," she explains. "So I wouldn't ever buy any sort of cheap shoes from Next or M&S or anything like that."

Instead the toddler's dainty feet are clad in Hunter boots, Ugg boots or Russell and Bromley wellies - that is, when Scarlett isn't parading around in her mother's high heels.

"We bought her a pair of Cinderella shoes from the Disney shop and Scarlett absolutely hated them because they weren't high enough and they weren't expensive enough," says Faye.


She likes to stomp around the house in stonking great stilettos and I'm always catching her in my Kurt Geiger heels. I'm really impressed at how she walks in them because I can't walk that well in heels!


Scarlett's expensive tastes aren't limited to fashion, she also expects only the best when out and about.

"My husband drives a Porsche Cayman and Scarlett particularly likes being in the front seat of that," says Faye. "She thinks that my 4x4 Volkswagon is really boring in comparison."

Faye and her husband, Paul Jacobs, 35, a business development manager, live in a large four bedroom detached house in Camberley, Surrey. In the last two years they have spent £3,000 on toys, £6,500 on having the nursery decorated, £2,000 on prams and £2,000 on Christmases and birthdays.

But their biggest financial outlay has been on holidays to five star hotels with Michelin star restaurants at a cost of £25,000.

"They are a bit spoilt with holidays," Faye admits. ""In Scarlett's first year she went to Cape Town, Mykonos in Greece, Dubai and Spain and since we've had Savannah we've been to Dubai again, France and Halkidiki in Greece."

Faye admits that her desire to provide her children with the best stems from a fear that "something awful" is going to happen to them and she does worry that she spoils them.

"When it's your first you think something awful is going to happen to them if they don't have the best of everything," she confesses.

"I always knew friends that were spoilt and I remember thinking when I have children I really don't want that, I want them to be able to appreciate everything. But then you have children and if you've got the money why wouldn't you give them the best of everything?

"I suppose they are spoilt but they're not as spoilt as some children and I think if you can afford it then you can't really justify not getting them the best."

Source: Barcroft Media

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