14/08/2014 12:50 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

ASBO For Mum Who Yelled Racist Abuse At Her OWN Kids And Made Neighbours' Lives Hell

ASBO for mum who yelled racist abuse at her OWN kids and made neighbours' lives hell

A mum-of-four has been issued with an ASBO after making her neighbours' lives hell as she screamed racist abuse at her OWN young children.

Lauren Beckham, 31, could be heard verbally abusing her four children by her neighbours in her Shipley, west Yorkshire home, prompting one concerned resident to contact the police and social services.

Bradford and Keighley Magistrates' Court heard that Beckham kept up 'a vile onslaught of racial and homophobic abuse' towards her children and caused her neighbours so much distress that they had to sleep in their cellars to try and escape the noise.

The Mail reports that Beckham shouted at her four mixed-race children - aged from one to 12 - 'day in and day out' since she first moved to the property in July, 2012.

Her former neighbour, Maxine Hoey, 42, told the paper the mum had made life hell for other residents in the street.

"I can't even begin to describe what my family have been through since Lauren moved in," she said. "Her foul language and abuse towards her children has been like poison seeping through our walls. Every day, all day, for almost eight months, those poor kids would be screamed at.

"The things she would say are just vile. She'd call them black b****** and p****. She'd call her son a f***** and tell her daughters they were s****. On top of that there was constant swearing, shouting and banging."

Mrs Hoey said that she had heard also Beckham threaten to break her daughter's legs.

"I used to phone social services on a weekly basis and ring the police around three times a week trying to stop the abuse but nothing was ever done," she said. "It might not be physical abuse but it's still abuse and it was constant - even going on right through the night."

Another neighbour, Carol Gatenby, 52 said Beckham's behaviour put a strain on her marriage.

"It was just sheer hell - absolutely horrendous living next door to them. And since she left, it's heaven," she said. "Me and my husband were always arguing because we were so stressed and my grandchildren couldn't come round and visit because they would have to listen to the vile language she used."

Bradford Council's ASBO officer John Crossland showed the court a vast dossier of complaints against Beckham, including the verbal abuse against her kids.

Magistrates issued her with a three-year anti-social behaviour order banning her from shouting, swearing, banging and upsetting neighbours. Her lawyer said she accepted it was an 'appropriate order'.

Beckham moved out of the Shipley property in March, and now lives in Bradford. The court was told her new neighbours have already made complaints about her.