14/08/2014 12:33 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Autumn/Winter 2013 Trends: Camouflage

The irony with the camo trend is you don't wear it to blend, but to pop. Yet, there's a double irony this Autumn/Winter because it's going to be so big you may end up disappearing into a sea of other girls wearing camo.

The horror.

But let's talk about why it's going to be so damn popular. 1) It's easy - throw on a camo t-shirt with skinnies and you're there. 2) It's practical. Well of course it is. And it's also comfortable, who's ever felt anything but cosy in a khaki parka?


Apart from anything else, camo is, has been and always will be cool. Despite Liam Gallagher liking it. Also, similar to Destiny's Child in the early Noughties, it's a survivor and bound to come back again and again so investing in this trend is actually quite smart because camo is fashion's very own boomerang.

Girls wearing next season camouflage are likely to...

1. Pull off most trends easy as you like. They wear whatever the f*** they want.

2. Be massive Christopher Kane fans. They've been there since the start. They'll be there in the end. They're bigger fans of CK than you, yeah?

3. Be well up for weekend paintballing. They've got combat instinct having grown up thrashing EVERY opponent at Tekken on the PS... K.O

4. Wear re-loved (Ebay, charity shop, vintage) camo along with next season's line up... without fannying around with washing before wearing it. Whatever, camo girls are wild.

5. NOT get the Ryan Gosling thing. He's a posey drip.

Want to start next season now? Shop the best bits of the trend with our camo edit...