Baby Name Regret: Half Of Parents Regret The Names They Choose For Children

For most new parents, choosing a name for their baby is a case of whittling down suggestions (and probably veto-ing some!) until, finally, they settle on the perfect name for their baby boy or girl.

However, it doesn't always work that way. A survey conducted a couple of years back showed that nearly half (43 percent) of parents in the UK have had second thoughts about the name they gave their child. Maybe an unlikeable celebrity with your new baby's name has suddenly shot to fame, or perhaps it's been a few weeks or months and what you once thought was the 'perfect' name just doesn't feel right for your baby. Whatever it is, baby regret is not uncommon.

One of the most common complaints parents voice over their children's names is that they suddenly enjoyed a surge in popularity around the time of the birth.

This can cause particular consternation when it comes to names intended to be special and unique. Parents who chose Aiden for its Gaelic connection or Sophia after a favourite granny might be annoyed when they find out their offspring is now inadvertently one of four in their class.

Sometimes, however, baby regret stems from the fact that the original choice of name was just, well, weird. A recent thread on Reddit's AskReddit forum discussed their personal experiences with 'baby name regret' and some of the anecdotes were absolute gems.

Take this one, from user Mad_Lugvig, who is desperately trying to steer his wife away from what he sees as a lifetime of regret...


My wife and I have a daughter that we named Jordan... Now we're thinking about having another kid, and if it's a boy she wants to name him Michael. Jordan and Michael. Michael and Jordan. I'm 6'7", she's 6'3"... She somehow thinks that it won't be weird if our (most likely) tall children are named freaking Michael, Jordan.


Another commenter was himself the 'victim' of a regrettable baby name choice. Reddit user clarxino shared the story behind his bizarre name.


"My first name is just a letter. It gets better; I have an identical twin brother, and his first name is also a letter.... my dad doesn't regret it but my mom wishes he would've waited until after the epidural wore off from her C-section to name us."


Most mums who remember having an epidural will probably agree that it's best to wait until the cloud lifts before making any major life decisions...

Have you ever experienced baby name regret? Or maybe your parents regret the name they gave you?