14/08/2014 16:53 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Baby Number 13 For 38-Year-Old Supermum Tania Sullivan

Baby number 13 for 40-year-old super-mum Tania Sullivan

With 12 children already squeezed into their five-bedroom Kent home - and with the youngest not yet a year old - you'd think the last thing on Tania Sullivan's mind would be MORE babies. But no, the home-schooling, mummy-blogging 38-year-old has revealed she is pregnant again!

"I always wanted a lot of children, maybe six, but I never thought I'd end up with double that," Tania told the Mail, as it was revealed she is 13 weeks into her latest pregnancy.

The newest addition to the family will join siblings Ben, 20, Stephanie, 18, Caitlin, 13, Harry, 10, Eddie, eight, Sidney, seven, Paddy, five, Oliver, three, Joseph, two, twins Anna and Libby, 16 months and seven-month-old baby Isobel.

As well as running the Larger Family Life blog, and teaching her kids at home, super-mum Tania also bakes all the family's bread, makes butter and jam and rears hens for their eggs.

One of her daughters, 18-year-old Stephanie, said her mum was 'absolutely amazing'.

"She is more than just a mother, she is a friend when I need someone to talk to and a teacher when I need guidance," she said.

Writing on her blog, Tania said that she revealed her pregnancy news to her husband Mike, 40, after taking a test a few days after her period was due.

"I opened the door and, hissed his name so as not to gain attention from the nosey children nearby," she wrote. "He turned to look at me and I held up the test. Then he laughed and hugged me."

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