Baby On Board Blindness: Most Commuters Don't Give Up Their Seat For Pregnant Women

Baby on Board study finds commuters unlikely to offer seat to pregnant woman
Baby on Board study finds commuters unlikely to offer seat to pregnant woman

Be honest, would you give up your seat on the Tube, train or bus to a pregnant woman?

Of course you would... right?

A study by the University of Westminster has found that while most London commuters say they'd happily offer their seat to a pregnant woman, very few people actually get up when a woman wearing a 'Baby on Board' badge gets onto a crowded carriage.

Georgina Kotjan, the student researcher who conducted the study, asked 100 Londoners whether they generally give up their seat for pregnant women on public transport. Every single person said yes, they did.

However, when Georgina spent 10 hours travelling on the Tube wearing a 'Baby on Board' badge, just 20 people offered her their seat.

"The result was shocking and it made me decide I never want to be a pregnant woman in London," said Georgina.

"I was surrounded by hundreds of people on my journeys but most of them were too busy with their phones and papers."

Georgina presented people who offered her their seat with a card saying 'Congratulations! You've offered your seat to a pregnant woman'. Those who ignored her got a card saying: 'You didn't pass the test.'

She said most 'unsuccessful' people became either ashamed or angry and did not want to comment on the situation.

"The health of young mums-to-be is being put at risk because of people's carelessness," she added. "Londoners need to open their eyes and change their attitude."

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