14/08/2014 12:52 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Baby P's Mother Could Be Released

Outrage at prospect of Baby P's evil mum being considered for parole

The Parole Board is deciding whether to consider the mother of Baby P for release.

The Board has previously refused to free Tracey Connelly, who was jailed in 2007 for her role in the horrific death of her baby son Peter Connelly, but according to The Sun is now assessing whether she has shown remorse and if she is a danger to the public.

Connelly has passed the minimum five years she was ordered to serve and could be given parole within weeks.

Peter had been found dead in his blood-stained cot having endured more that 50 injuries. He was on the at-risk register and had been seen 60 times by social workers, police and health professionals over eight months before he died.

The move has been greeted with outrage, even by Connelly's own disgusted mum.

Baby P's grandma Mary O'Connor said: "She should never come out. But even if she does I won't be seeing her again. She's out of my life."

Connelly, now 32, was given an indefinite sentence in 2009 and told she must serve at least five years.

Taking into account time she spent on remand before her trial, that point has now passed - meaning she can be considered for release.

She was living in Tottenham, North London, with brute Steven Barker and paedophile lodger Jason Owen when baby P died of 50 injuries.

Connelly, whose weight has soared to 22st in prison, dreams of starting a new life away from London with her mother.

But Mary, 63, said: "She wants to live in Kent and wants me to move there with her. But I said 'No'."

The Parole Board confirmed a review had been launched but would not go into detail.

The Prison Service had no comment. Jason Owen was paroled in 2011 but sent back to jail after breaching conditions.