14/08/2014 16:52 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Baby P's Mum Beaten Up In Jail By Fellow Inmate

Baby P's mum beaten up in jail by fellow inmate

Baby P's mum has been attacked in jail and punched 14 times by a fellow inmate.

According to The Sun, Tracey Connelly was beaten up by burglar Stacey Lonsdale in a hairdressing class in disgust over the killing of baby son Peter.

Lonsdale smashed Connelly over the head with a folder, punched her in the face 14 times and kneed her in the head before officers leapt in, leaving Connelly with a black eye and bruises.

Lonsdale got 21 days on top of her two-year term for burglary over the attack in February and was released on Monday.

She told the paper: "It was worth it. She deserves a good hiding every day of her life for what she put that baby through."

Lonsdale also told how Connelly, 32, had been boasting around Low Newton jail, Durham, that she was close to parole.

She was given an indefinite sentence in 2009 over the Baby P case, with a five-year minimum. But that has passed due to time spent on remand and the Parole Board is now considering whether she should be released.

Lonsdale, of Chester-le-Street, Co Durham, added: "She is hated in there. She only has a couple of friends and they are rapists or murderers."

Connelly lived in North London with thug Steven Barker and paedophile Jason Owen when Baby P died of 50 injuries in 2007.