14/08/2014 16:54 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Babysitter Seduced Teen Boy And Wrote About 'Amazing Sex' In Diary

Babysitter seduced teen boy and wrote about 'amazing sex' in diary

A babysitter who seduced two underage boys kept a diary detailing the 'amazing sex' she'd had with one of the teens.

A court heard that Loni Bouchard, who was 19 at the time, looked after the 14-year-old boy when his parents were out. She started a relationship with him and kept the diary.

It was found by police after the boy's mother alerted them following a message on Facebook.

In her journal, Bouchard wrote that she knew her relationship with the first victim was against the law but did not believe the law had the right to tell her who she could and couldn't love.

She wrote about the 'amazing' sex she had with the boy, how much she loved him and wondered why the five-year age gap even mattered.

She had written about how much she missed him and how unfair it was they couldn't see each other.

She wrote: "I have finally found the guy who treats me right and makes me so happy and I can't be with him because the law says so?

"I don't care about the law. I just want to be with him and not have to hide it. How can the law tell us who to fall for, who to like and who to love and especially who to date? I thought America was a free country."

She also reportedly sent the boy's parents text messages after they found out about the affair, asking if they could 'work this out'. She also told them they 'don't need to call the police' and 'let's act like adults'.

Bouchard, now 22, from Clinton, Connecticut, was sentenced to three years in prison, but her sentence was suspended and she was instead given two years of probation. Under her probation, she is barred from any contact with boys who are under the age of 16. She is also barred from contacting her victims.

Bouchard said: "I'm really sorry to the victim and their families. This will never happen again."

She was also involved with another boy, aged 14, but his parents wouldn't allow him to talk to police.

It also emerged that her mother, Kimmie Bouchard, 46, supplied the boy with marijuana and alcohol when he visited their Southington home. She pleaded guilty to risk of injury and received probation.