14/08/2014 16:34 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Beauty And The Bride: Remember To Relax

Even if you have the best intentions to not become a bridezilla, the run-up to the wedding day can bring out the stressed-out side in any bride-to-be. Flowers? Dress? Bridesmaids? Shoes? All that organising enough to bring on a pre-wedding meltdown.

So - what can be done to rescue a worn-out bride before she walks down the aisle? Geraldine Howard, President & Co-Founder Aromatherapy Associates, suggests indulging in some serious 'me-time'.


"As your wedding draws closer you can really show signs of stress in your skin", Howard told us. "The evening before the big day, try our Nourish Facial Oil underneath a layer of Rose Hydrating Mask, and leave to soak in overnight. By morning, your skin will look and feel deeply hydrated and nourished, and wonderfully soft to the touch".

For brides with more time, aromatherapy massage can also do wonders for balancing emotions. "The techniques involve carefully applied spinal pressures to target the autonomic nervous system, making them highly effective for stress-related symptoms", says Howard.

And when the big day finally arrives? "Burn your favourite room fragrance - our Relax version contains geranium and myrrh to create a calming atmosphere. Make sure your maid of honour keeps a little bottle of Frankincense essential oil in her handbag too, so you can inhale with deep breathes throughout the day. It will ground the emotions and provide support during stressful moments".

Ready for a relaxing oil-fused bath already? Here are a few more beauty buys to de-stress with: