Besotted Man Photoshops Himself Into Girlfriend's Childhood Photos

If you're not fond of public displays of affection, you might want to look away now. For this besotted young man has taken his adoration for his girlfriend to a whole new romantic level. And the results are, judge for yourself.

The boyfriend, identified only as Wan (probably best he keeps his second name secret) used Photoshop to superimpose himself into his grown-up girlfriend's childhood snaps - even choreographing poses to make himself fit into the pictures.

He then posted them on Chinese social network Weibo to mark the couple's fourth anniversary.

The love-struck lad, from Zhengzhou, in China's Henan province, then captioned them with the, slightly unnerving, message: "I want to send my love letter to little you, but without a time machine, the only thing I can do is come into your dream to meet you."

He added, cryptically: "I am sorry I don't have a surprise for you, because I believe staying with you in the past four years is the biggest surprise."

It is not known how the girlfriend reacted to the photos but they have divided opinions on the internet.

They have thousands of 'likes' on Weibo, with many Chinese woman commenting how lucky the girl is to have such a romantic partner.

However, other corners of the internet have been less enthusiastic. Website Kokatu wrote that: "A few photos almost border on paedophilia."

Wan is known for having over-dramatic opinions on the topic of love. The wedding photographer often posts his snaps from peoples' ceremonies onto his Weibo profile, saying he doesn't want to miss a moment of people declaring their devotion to one another.

He once wrote on the site: "I always tell my friends that the average lifetime for each person is 631,152 hours, and only 8 hours belongs to your wedding. Every wedding is unique in the world, and don't miss the most memorable time."