14/08/2014 16:42 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Bondi Hipsters Do Parody Of Miranda Kerr's GQ Shoot

The Bondi Hipsters aka comedy duo Dom Nader and Adrian Archer have re-done Miranda Kerr's naked photoshoot for GQ magazine.

After posting the following on their Facebook page: "We saw Miranda's shoot earlier this week... Thought we might turn the industry on it's head... It's a little different when it's a mahn, isn't it?... Sorry bout it." We had to check out the spoof pics...

Yes, it's different for sure and as far as addressing the mega over-sexualisation of women's bodies in the fashion industry goes - these hipster guys make a pretty good case. With their own (nameless) underground fashion label they're definitely clued up on what goes down.

Creative director Adrian Archer says: "It's important for people to understand the masculine form can be just as beautiful as the feminine form.

"Why can't men appreciate other men? Why can't men talk about masturbating on public transport?"

While model gent Dom claims that all he has to offer is his "hairy chest and focused gaze", we're fully in agreement that the male form can be just as eye-catching. Wowza.

Keep tabs on all the latest antics from the Bondi Hipsters on Facebook here.

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