14/08/2014 12:50 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Boy, 5, Unscathed After Being Hit By Car - Thanks To His 'Bendy Bones'

Boy, 5, unscathed after being hit by car - thanks to his 'bendy bones'

A five-year-old boy survived being hit by a car – thanks to his 'bendy bones'.

Doctors believe Jayden Channell survived because he has highly-flexible joints which are thought to have helped his body absorb the impact.

The little boy was crossing the road as his family loaded up their car at their home in Southend, Essex, ready for a day out on Bank Holiday Monday when he was struck.

His mother watched in horror as he flew into the air off the bonnet before smashing into the ground. He was taken to hospital where he was given a clean bill of health and allowed home straight away.

His mum Samantha Taplin, 26, said: "The road is very narrow and there are cars parked either side.

"One minute there was nothing coming and the next this car appeared out of nowhere just as Jayden went to cross.

"He hit the bonnet and got thrown up the road. His body looked like a rag doll, but he just jumped up and ran to the pavement.

"The car was doing about 30mph, but he just got right up. It was terrible watching it. There was nothing I could do to stop it as it all happened so quickly."

While the car was left dented, Jayden was able to stand up immediately and walk away with only grazes and a bump to his head despite bouncing off the bonnet and being sent flying.

Jayden has hypermobility syndrome, which means he is double-jointed. The collagen in his skin and ligaments is weaker than normal, making his joints looser and more stretchy so that they can extend further than usual.

His mum said: "If that had been an ordinary child there is no way they would have survived.

"The doctors couldn't believe he had been hit by a car and his condition had saved his life. He actually left dents in the car, but all he had was a bump on his head and a graze."

Samantha, who is now campaigning for speed bumps along the road, added: "Someone was watching over him that day, but things could be so much different."

While Jayden's condition means that he can move his limbs into positions that others would find impossible, it can cause fatigue and long-term pain and he receives regular specialist care.