Boy Draws On Dad's Passport

A Chinese father has claimed that he was left stranded in South Korea after his four-year-old son doodled all over his passport.

The drawings aren't bad for his age, but South Korean officials were unimpressed with the little boy's masterpiece and turned the pair away from a flight home from Seoul on May 15.

News of the game-gone-wrong, which is sure to have parents everywhere slapping their foreheads in empathy, first came to light when the dad - named only as Chen - posted to Chinese social media site Weibo asking for advice about getting back home.

"What am I to do?" the man, said to be from the north-eastern city of Shenyang, wrote on the site. "Please help!" He says the little boy got hold of the document while he was taking a shower.

The drawings will be familiar to anyone who can remember their own youthful artistic creations. Dad now has outlined lips, black circles over his eyes and abundant facial hair, courtesy of black marker pen. The rest of the page is filled with stick figures and animal faces.

Sympathetic Weibo users advised him to apply for emergency travel documents at the Chinese Embassy, but his fate remains unknown.

Not everyone was convinced by the plea for help, though. Cynical internet users responded to the viral image with scepticism, with some insisting that the story was nothing more than a hoax.

The pen strokes are all uniform in thickness and not smudged on the laminate paper, while the key identifying details - the bearer's name and passport number - are conveniently scribbled out. One Reddit commenter was succinct in his criticism, labelling the story 'fake bullsh*ttery'.