Boy Responds To Baby News A Bit Too Honestly (Video)

Baby news reveal videos are an increasingly popular trend on social media. Parents break the news to their children that they will soon be welcoming a baby brother or sister, and film their reaction to share online.

Reactions to the prospect of a new sibling range from confusion, excitement and occasionally even - hilariously - obvious annoyance.

However, one thing that unites them all is their honesty - young kids have a tendency to say exactly what they think. And that's certainly the case in this video, where a mum and dad reveal to their young sons that they will soon be big brothers to a new baby.

The parents go out of the way to make an event of the announcement, giving the boys a gift-wrapped parcel to open, which they assume is a new toy.

When the pair get the present unwrapped, however, they are understandably confused to find themselves holding a doll. A baby doll, to be precise.

"What is it?" prompts their dad, off-screen. "A baby," the older boy responds scornfully, barely concealing his disappointment at what he assumes must be an incredibly poor choice of gift.

"That's because your mom's gonna have a baby," Dad explains. The older boy, after a couple of seconds of surprise, gives an enthusiastic yell of approval.

But his younger brother fails to be moved by the announcement. "I wanted Star Wars," he groans, staring wistfully at the torn wrapping paper.

Hopefully, he'll eventually concede that a little brother or sister might be just as much fun to play with as a Jedi action figure.