Boy's Hilarious Reaction To Holding His Baby Sister For The First Time

This little boy was given his new baby sister to hold for the first time - and his face is a picture!

Never has a single facial expression so clearly screamed "And just what am I supposed to do with this?".

​With his arms stiffly sticking out under his sister and his eyes full of panic and confusion, it's clear that the lad doesn't exactly feel like a natural when it comes to cradling his baby sis.

The youngster in question is Reddit user sho3's unnamed nephew, and his uncle couldn't resist sharing the hilarious snap to the site, explaining that: 'As a single guy, this reminded me of what it's like to hold someone's baby'.

It's a sentiment shared by many, it seems, as fellow Reddit users came out of the woodwork to admit that this kid's expression was pretty much identical to their own whenever they were in the vicinity of a newborn.

User Pingy34 confessed that 'nothing scares me more than holding a newborn', while another pleaded with new parents: "Please, if you love your babies, don't give them to incompetent me."

We've got to admit, picking up a newborn baby for the first time can be a pretty nerve-racking experience, especially if they're not your own. What will you say to the parents if you break her?

Fortunately, after a while instinct seems to kick in, and before you know it you've got your precious infant casually slung under one arm while carrying four or five bags and managing to open the front door...