14/08/2014 16:50 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Boy, Six, Bullied Out Of School Because His Mum Is A Katy Perry Tribute Artist

Boy, six, bullied out of school because his mum is a Katy Perry tribute artist

A young mum has claimed her six-year-old son has endured bullying at school because SHE dresses like Katy Perry.

Suzanne O'Neill, 25, says her son has been victimised by other children and that she has been abused by parents because of her image.

The Kent-based model and part-time Katy Perry tribute artist says that her son, David Blecher, has now been driven out of school by the bullies and has not attended lessons for six months.

Suzanne also claims the little boy was so frightened that he stopped eating.

Speaking to the Mail, Suzanne says David was being targetted simply because SHE was 'different' to the other mums.

Suzanne alleges that complaints to the school were met with a 'boys will be boys' response, and that other parents even joined in the bullying.

Boy, six, bullied out of school because his mum is a Katy Perry tribute artist

"The bullying was awful. We had to have a police escort to walk home as I was scared of what might happen," Suzanne said, claiming that another mum threatened her at the school gate.

"The kids punched him, bit him, trapped his fingers in tables and one even urinated on his school jumper. When I went and complained about it at the school I was just told 'boys will be boys'."

Suzanne said it was 'horrible' to see her six-year-old 'so unhappy' and that when he began starving himself she feared for his health. She ultimately decided she had no choice but to remove him from school.

"It was not an easy decision," she said, adding that the other children would tell her son that she was a 'scrubber', while other mothers threatened to 'smash' her face in.

"The other mums are aware that I do the Katy Perry stuff and they are aware that I have done the pin up stuff as well," she said. "My look is very retro and very tastefully done. It's not like I go topless."

She said the other parents used social media to intimidate her, and further the bullying, both by setting up a fake spiteful profile with her picture on it, and sending her vile messages.

"They message me on Facebook and say 'u think you're gorgeous because you look like Katy Perry'," said Suzanne. "It's awful and since they started saying things like that David's bullying has got a lot worse. One time he went over to play with some children and they told him they weren't allowed to speak to him. It is odd because one minute their parents were asking me to do their make-up and the next they were sending me horrible messages online."

Suzanne, who is engaged to Paul Baker, 31, said keeping David at home has an effect on her business.

"I haven't been able to get my Katy Perry act up and running because I have had to take him out of school," she says.

Kent County Council say they have offered David a place at two others schools, one of which Suzanne declined because it would mean a 40-minute walk from their home.

Kevin Shovelton, director of education and planning, said the department had 'worked hard' to find alternative arrangements for David.

"As soon as we became aware of David's situation we worked hard to secure a place for him," he said. "Miss O'Neill did apply for alternative schools at the beginning of the year, however the county council was unable to offer any of her preferred schools."

"On 24 May a further place was offered to David at South Borough Primary School. Both schools offered to David are regarded as a reasonable walking distance for a child, according to government guidelines."

Mr Shovelton said that David's mum was now choosing to educate him at home, and that the council had been in touch with her to offer support with this.