14/08/2014 12:54 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Boy Whose Arm Was Ripped Off In Washing Machine Starts School

Boy whose arm was ripped off in washing machine starts school

A little boy has started school two years after his arm was ripped off when he clambered into a washing machine.

Lewis Lightfoot's left arm was ripped off when he somehow opened the washing machine door while it was in full spin cycle.

The terrified youngster was dragged screaming inside the drum and his limb was severed just below the shoulder.

His mum Rachel Roberts heard his cries and raced into the kitchen where she found her son with his legs dangling out of the machine that was still spinning.

Lewis told his mum at the time: "I opened the door and went round and round and round and I banged my head and then my arm fell off."

Lewis was rushed to hospital after the accident but surgeons were unable to save his arm.

But two years on, little fighter Lewis has made an amazing recovery and walked into class at Monks Coppenall Primary in Crewe, Cheshire, on his fifth birthday.

Rachel, 26, is determined that despite facing surgery into his late teens as his upper arm grows Lewis will enjoy a normal life.

She told the Mirror: "We both got a bit tearful on the first day but he was soon all right. "He came home today telling me how he had undressed himself and put his PE kit on all by himself. I was so proud."

And he's not afraid of classmates' questions.

Rachel said: "He told me 'a girl asked me where my arm had gone and I told her, it's in the washing machine'."

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